Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Our Aim Is To Empower The Nations' Football Fans Ensuring They Become Major Stakeholders In Our  National Game"


Nigerian Football Supporters Club At Their Best.

 Making Us Proud.

You Can Be Among One Of The Fans Here In The Pictures Above And Have The Opportunity To Travel Around The World Free

From The Desk Of: Peter Essien
 Tuesday 1st Of July,2011 

Do You Want To Join The Supporters Club And Fly The Green White Green Flag ?
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Beyond the passion,….beyond the game of football there lies a great deal of opportunities, benefits and advantages that a lot of football fans and football players are not taking advantage of, Football is the single most unifying factor in ethnocentric Nigeria , Yes, we all know that as a fact but beyond the passion, the fanaticism and joy, it also has the power and potentials to take a lot of its fans/players to the next level of their lives,the opportunities football presents to us are enormous, and before you start jumping into conclusions, I am not talking about football betting here, far from it, in-short I am the first person to discourage people from gambling,I am actually talking about the joy,the happiness and the traveling opportunities you stand to gain by becoming a member of the NIGERIAN FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS CLUB.

Do you know you can travel anywhere in the world, make new friends internationally and establish global business contacts? all of these and many more are what you stand to gain as a football fan if you join the Nigerian football supporters club. An average football fan in Nigeria goes to the viewing center every weekend to feed their passion and cheer their favourite teams, after all the clapping, shouting and arguments, they all go home and that is where it ends.

The tide has to change, you don’t just have to watch (football) for the mere passion of it but you can now support your team and still enjoy other great benefits that are associated with football. This is simply an attempt to empower the average football fan in Nigeria .

As a Nigerian Football fan you can become a global citizen such that it becomes easier for you to travel to any part of the world at any time,is that possible? Yes it is.

We will show you how to join the Nigerian football supporters club as well as the global version of it such that you can travel globally and enjoy tourism while supporting the green white green team.

You can imagine the number of Visa Dr. Rauf Ladipo has on his passport today and the depth of social and business connections he must have established globally, he can decide to wake up tomorrow morning and travel to any part of the world if he so wishes.

I know of a couple who went with the supporters club in 2010 to South Africa they came back to Nigeria and returned to South Africa 4 months later, this is because while they were in over there they were able to establish a good Social connections with people over there.

Football as a game can beautify your life and add more meaning to your existence,yes it’s a game but it’s a game above all games.

Over the last one year I have taken the pain has to put together this life changing manual for football fans in Nigeria to move to the next level at the click of a button,it will be to my joy to see football fans in  Nigeria becoming major stakeholders in the game of football,LET US TAKE IT BEYOND THE PASSION .
       Do You Want To Be A Member?

To order, Pay N5,500 into any Branch of UBA:

Bank - U.B.A  

Account Name - PETER ESSIEN

Account Number - 0021-052010-2683

NOTE - After payment Text your Name,Phone Number,e-mail Address, Teller Number and  Your Name to 08038144203 or Call us to notify us of your payment and your package will be delivered to your mail box within 24hours after confirmation.


I am giving a 1 YEAR IRON CLAD Money back guarantee to all those who order for this manual, if you apply what is written inside this e-book and you still can't join the supporters club, I will refund your money back same day you ask for a refund without any questioning. Remember the difference between the rich and the poor is the uncommon application of information. 

Peter Essien
{Member Of The Nigerian Football Supporters Club}

P.S:  Many People Have Started Applying And Many Nigerians Are Been Accepted Into The Club {just for free}. 

P.S.S:  Now Is The Time To Grab The Opportunity You've Been Waiting For To Travel Around The World Free

P.S.S. The Earlier You Register To Become A Member The Better For You